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Friday, 14 June 2013

Resident Evil 4 Free Game Download

Resident Evil 4
Download Game Resident Evil 4 - Free PC Game - Full Version

Resident Evil 4 Free Download Resident evil has made quite a name for itself over the years. Therefore it goes without saying that Resident Evil 4 had some very high expectations attached to it. And Capcom did a splendid job in trying to live up to the public’s expectations.

This free pc game is a third-person shooter video game that belongs to the action-adventure genre and is one of the best in all of the pc games of today. In order to get the most out of a gaming experience all you need to do is download game and play away, and that too for free. This game moves along with Leon S. Kennedy as the main player and protagonist. Kennedy returns after the second version in this one to look for the president’s daughter. The setting of this game is in a rural village in Spain. The game in itself is basically a rescue mission, so the story is not so hard to grasp.

This game features excellent graphics, setting as well as audio or sound. The variety of weapons is appreciable. You get diversity in that respect which makes playing this game very easy. The graphics and the colors which we find in this game are very appealing and seem to have been intricately planned. The element of horror is retained through the right placing of sounds and the real-looking appearance of the enemies.

Game play:
Playing this game is very hard, even for a newbie because the controls are easy to understand and master. The approach employed in this particular version of the game is over the shoulder. This makes the gameplay both interesting and unique along with a bit complicated maybe. The pro and con of this new system of aiming are quite apparent. The good thing is the accuracy in shooting. The bad thing is the slow RE4 pace. So in certain situations the choice between the two is hard to make.

With just a little help you can get some extra benefits out of this game, benefits that would be hard to get a hold of if you don’t go out of your way a little. For instance, you can unlock many rounds and characters. To get Ada Wong, a new player, what you need to do is win 4 stars in the game’s Pueblo map. To unlock another character, Albert Wesker, do the same in Waterworld map, for Hunk in Island Commando map and for Jack Krausar in Castle map.



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