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Friday, 14 June 2013

Resident Evil 2 Free Download Game

Resident Evil 2
Download Game Resident Evil 2 - PC Game - Full Version

Resident Evil 2 is a free pc game that belongs to the genre of horror and is based on survival. This video game has done wonders in the world of gaming and has made a big name for itself. People from all over the world, even the ones who are not exactly interested in gaming, surely know of Resident Evil. 

Resident Evil 2 was originally launched in 1998 as a PlayStation game. But now they have taken the form of pc games. The publishers or developers of this game are Capcom. It is directed by Hideki Kamiya, produced by Shinji Mikami and written by Noboru Sugimura. This is the second instalment in the Resident Evil series and the events shown in this particular version of the game are actually linked with the previous version. According to where the story was left off in the first instalment of Resident Evil, the second instalment picks up the story from two months after the previous events.
In this particular version of the game the people of Racoon city have been transformed through the T virus into zombies. The protagonists of this game Claire Redfield and Leon S Kennedy have to escape from this zombie stricken place and are faced with numerous hurdles along the way.

This game features the best of everything that can possibly be required to make a game into a full fledge horrifying experience on its own. The mood, the music, the graphics have all been developed very keenly and with great care to make sure that the player gets an experience somewhat similar to that of a film. The video game is considered more interactive too. The storyline in itself is a great feature and a main cause for all the popularity it has earned.

Game play:
The main features and the basic gameplay are somewhat similar to the previous version. The protagonists are provided with firearms or guns etc, but the main tactic and the skill seeps in when the player finds out that the ammunition provided is limited. This takes the gameplay to a whole new level and then it becomes a matter of skill and technique.

You can download game and play all you want but at some point you would feel the need for a cheat or two that might be able to help you. Given below are a few such cheats:
-    You can get super strength by mixing three herbs; green, blue and red, in that order specifically.
-    You can play as Tofu instead of Hunk too, but for that you would have to beat 6 scenarios and that too with ‘A’ ranking. But the result is definitely worth it.
-    When playing as Leon you can get your hands on some extra ammo by not using the custom parts of the gun as soon as you get them. Let all the ammo finish and them combine it with the custom parts that you get. And there you have it, you are all loaded up again; free ammo! 



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