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Friday, 14 June 2013

GTA IV Lost and Damned Free Download PC Game

GTA IV Lost and Damned
Download Free Game GTA IV Lost and Damned - PC Game - Full Version

Setting new standards in the PC games, this game is all about solving missions with the assistance of maps. The soundtrack and graphics make it a memorable experience for people of all ages play this game.

Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned or Grand Theft Auto IV as it is commonly known as is now available as a free PC game. All you have to do is download game for some exciting hours of gaming.
This game was first developed for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and later was launched as a download PC game by Rockstar North in the UK. Being initially released on 17 February 2009, it is the third game of the Grand Theft Auto Series.

This exciting new game introduces a new hero who is the member of the motorcycle club The Lost. Throughout the game, this club supports and features the missions that tpeople have to complete. Creative developers at the headquarters of the Rockstar games are of the view that the game portrays different aspects and plains of the Liberty City. The features are similar to that of Grand Theft Auto IV with the addition of new weapons and vehicles of course.

Game play:
In this game the player has the ability to call various club members for assistance who can drive to a location near the player and provide him with armors and other useful tools including bikes as well. Gang wars are also seen to be a common part of this game completion of which would result in the spawning of weapons. A team of bikers accompanies the player during the gang wars. More fighting experience is gained and the player will be replaced by another in cases of death.

Cheat codes:
Some of the most cheat codes are about having the below mentioned desired effects which can be acquired after dialing the following numbers.

Raise wanted level     267-555-0150
Lower wanted level     267-555-0100 
Replenish armor     362-555-0100

You can get the desired vehicle by dialing the following numbers.
Burrito         826-555-0150
Double T         245-555-0125
Kakuchou         245-555-0199
Hexer             245-555-0150


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