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Friday, 14 June 2013

Resident Evil 3 Free Download Game

Resident Evil 3
Download Free Game Resident Evil 3 - PC Game - Full Version

Resident Evil 3 is a great time pass for the game lovers out there. Following the trend of greatness set by the prequels, this particular version also does wonders for a true gamer by providing the best entertainment possible.

Resident Evil 3 is the sequel to Resident Evil 2 and is a survival game. The theme which the game revolves around is action and adventure. Developed by Capcom, this version lives up to the expectations of the audience. The protagonist in this particular version is Jill. These are available as PC games, for PlayStation as well as Xbox. 

This whole series of the Resident Evil game stands out on the basis of its defining sound and graphics. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis also makes sure it does not lag behind. The sound for instance the music and the effects are all marvelous. The effect is very accurately delivered. Also, the Racoon city graphics are absolutely amazing. The city truly seems to be alive.

Game play:
Nemesis, the new Tyrant around the block is an excellent addition to an already exciting video game. This has been programmed by none other than Umbrella, in order to hunt and brutally finish all the STAR people are members. This new character can do many things. It can dodge threats such as fire. It also has a rocket launcher and can use it as a weapon. It can run very fast and unfortunately also follow the protagonist or the player from one place to another. Therefore it is not an easy job getting rid of this thing. Nemesis invariably and relentlessly pursues and chases Jill. Other encounters in this game are also possible which depend on the individual choices that are made by the player.
So the game play is no doubt thrilling, and tends to keep people sitting at the edge of their seats throughout the game.

To unlock mercenary’s mode 2, you would have to do something a little extra. In order for you to get your hands on this mode without actually finishing the game once, you would have to delete your game. Once that is done, go to the recycle bin, find the Capcom folder and reach your game. Right click on your game’s icon in the recycle bin, once you are inside the folder. Look for ’merc’s’. Click it. You can now enjoy this thrilling mode without actually having to finish the game. Having a free PC game sure has its perks! 



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